Rent today a very comfortable car from The Company Pieria rent a car to visit and get to know the most important administrative cultural and business center in Northern Greece. The second largest city in the country, Thessaloniki. We mentioned a few things about Thessaloniki in a previous article. But not even whole volumes are enough to describe this fantastic city of Greece, Thessaloniki.

Rent today a very comfortable car from The Company Pieria rent a car to visit and get to know the most important administrative cultural and business center in Northern Greece. The second largest city in the country, Thessaloniki. We mentioned a few things about Thessaloniki in a previous article. But not even whole volumes are enough to describe this fantastic city of Greece, Thessaloniki.

The historical figure of Thessaloniki is connected to its Byzantine life, an open Byzantine monument. ( Fifteen monuments ). They were listed in 1988 on the UNESCO World Heritage List. THE WHITE PYRGOS – ROTONTA – THE CHURCH OF THE AGIOS DIMITRIOS AND THE EPTAPYRGIO are the monuments, which have been initiated in the history of Thessaloniki, which has to show Byzantine, Roman, After byzantine, Ottoman, Hebrew and Younger.

With one of the dozens of rental vehicles, from Pieria Rent A Car, you are given the opportunity to see up close all these monuments, starting of course from the most widespread attraction and monument, which adorns the beautiful Thessaloniki, the White Tower.

Thessaloniki – White Tower

thessaloniki - lefkos - pirgos - pieria rent a carThe White Tower is now the “registered” trademark for Thessaloniki. The date of construction of the White Tower cannot be determined. You estimate that in about the 15th century, after the fall, which took place in Thessaloniki, by the Ottomans in 1430.

The White Tower reaches 33.90 meters high and diameter 22.70. The interior, which encloses the White Tower, consists of the ground floor and its six multi-meter floors, which communicate with an internal stairwell, which amounts to its total length of 120 meters. The same evolves circularly in contact with the outer wall, creating in the center of a spherical core, reaching the diameter of 8,50 meters. In this way a central circular room is formed, with which smaller rooms connect and communicate, opened to the thickness of the outer wall.

The top floor is decorated only with a central hall and on the outside it is created a floor, which gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of this wonderful city, which hears in the name of Thessaloniki and of course the vast sea.

White Tower – Name Change

The White Tower changed a lot of names. You may have heard some thessaloniki - lefkos - pirgos - pieria rent a carof the locals refer to it as the “Lion’s Tower” or “Tower of Kalamaria” and sometimes as “Tower of genitsars” and finally as “Blood Tower”, which is based on the period that became a prison and the place of execution of convicts.

The formation in the name and face of the name took place in the second half of the 19th century. It is based on the period when, under pressure from England, the wind of reform began to blow in the Ottoman Empire. After that they realized that it is not appropriate for the new “face” and “style” of this Tower, which characterizes Thessaloniki, the name “Blood Tower”.

This resulted in 1883, at the behest of Sultan Avdul Hamid II, that the Tower was whitewashed and succeeded by its new name, White Tower (Beyaz Koulet). This procedure was undertaken by the convict, Nathan Gueledi, in exchange for his freedom. So until today its name as “White Tower” remained.

thessaloniki - lefkos - pirgos - pieria rent a carOver the years Thessaloniki has essentially become synonymous with the name “White Tower”, since the White Tower has remained there since 1911 to stand alone on the beach, after the demolition of the sea and the eastern wall and its enclosure.

Around it, the White Tower is surrounded by hundreds of cafes, taverns, restaurants, Pubs etc. allowing visitors, after the magical tour offered by the White Tower, to enjoy their coffee, to taste the traditional and local delicacies, but also the special, varied and modern culinary delights offered by Thessaloniki.  But we will deal with them later.

Thessaloniki – Byzantine Wealth

The excavations have brought to light more than 300 Byzantine monuments. But the most important of these are preserved in beautiful Thessaloniki.

One of the most important monuments that express Thessaloniki, is the church of Saint Dimitrios.  Patron of the city, Saint Dimitrios, martyred where the temple is located. In this place was during the Roman years a large complex of public baths, in which according to tradition the saint was martyred.

The primary church, which was built in honor of the saint in the 5th agios-dimitrios-thessaloniki- θεσσαλονίκη - Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A Carcentury, was burned in 620 A.D. due to a very large earthquake and was immediately renovated in about the same form. However they allowed a piece of the mosque to worship the saint. After the liberation of the city the temple was again attributed to Christian glory.

Unfortunately, however, the huge fire in 1917, which destroyed a very large part of the city, also touched the majestic basilica in Thessaloniki. Most of the church was burned and its restoration, which remains to this day, took many years, as it was completed in 1947. The basilica of Agios Dimitrios is five-aisled with a transverse aisle to the east.

Thessaloniki – Rotunda

rotonta-thessaloniki - θεσσαλονίκη - Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A CarYou can also with Pieria Rent A Car, reach rotunda, in the heart of Thessaloniki.The Rotunda, for Thessaloniki, is one of its most imposing monuments. As its name indicates, it is an oval – circular edifice, which impresses with its delicate architectural power and energy and excites us with the exquisite art of its sacred decoration inside.

This well-known construction of Rotunda was taken into life by Caesar Galerios in the 4th century A.D. The large architectural rotonta-thessaloniki - θεσσαλονίκη - Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A Carcomplex that belonged also housed a racetrack and palace. With the predominance of Christianity, rotunda in Thessaloniki functioned as “Martyrio”, that is, a place of worship for the remains of the sports martyrs. Its mosaics are compared to those of Ravenna in beauty and power. They were created in Thessaloniki and are the oldest surviving specimens of the east.

Rotunda opened its doors to the public on December 18, 2015. This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thessaloniki welcomed its visitors with a religious concert, after decades of restored and solid work. And as soon as the scaffolding left, came the dilemma of whether to finally put the Christian cross on top of it.

Thessaloniki – Daily Entertainment

Pieria Rent A Car even makes us have fun. When it comes to fun in Greece, straight we think of food, drink, dancing, a coffee with friends, a walk for no reason and cause etc.

History, geographical location, traditional music and the natural environment created a crossroads of flavors in the region.

But when we want to talk about the cuisine in Thessaloniki and the gastronomic habits of its inhabitants, one must first realize that food in Thessaloniki is not just about the saturation of hunger. Thessaloniki has one of the largest varieties of food and sweets that impress with their taste and appearance.

The time that people will spend in Thessaloniki, both on Friday and in eating food, is a whole ritual, in order to satisfy or better delight their taste glands and the enjoyment of both those involved in this process.

θεσσαλονίκη - Λευκός Πύργος - Pieria Rent A CarThis unique relationship, which Thessaloniki has with food, cooking and pastry at the same time, you can discover it both in the restaurants of the city that host flavors from international cuisine with a Northern Greek cuisine to accompany them, but also in the countless tsipouradika, ouzeri, taverns and modern kitchens that it has and wait for their visitor to welcome him and give him voluptuous moments of tasting and gastronomy.

The uniqueness that pervades Thessaloniki in the kitchen, is due to the fact that for almost two thousand years it has hosted and becomes trigwna - θεσσαλονίκη - Λευκός Πύργος - Pieria Rent A Carhome to so many different nationalities people. Because thessaloniki has always been a crossroads of cultures and a port of countless visitors and conquerors. Even if he wanted to maintain a strict and specific framework in the cooking and flavors of Thessaloniki that would characterize it, this was rather impossible.

Visit the kapani market where you can find polarized fish – Seafood, sardines, mussels, squid together and fish paste.

Also find a traditional ouzo, where it is in abundance, where you can enjoy traditional tsipouro and ouzo with wonderful small plates of mydopilafos, seafood, and meatballs, salads with sesame and pomegranate, stuffed vegetables, pine nuts, raisins, mint, dill and parsley to dominate, fennel, and marjoram with quinces, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are present in sweet fillings we filled your palate!

Thessaloniki celebrates food at every opportunity. A few years ago, the Street Food Festival began in Thessaloniki at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition. Food choices from every corner of the earth and unique flavors that will captivate even the most demanding visitor. Two musical stages , three rest areas, kitchen lab, kids’ corner are some of the promises of the organizers.

Then, after buying the famous thessaloniki bagel, enjoy a walk along the beach, which is about five kilometers in length, from the Concert Hall to the port. With the bay of Thermaikos in the distance, experience an amazing scenery.

Visit the twelve theme parks. The most interesting of these are : Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A Cargarden of Music, Memory, Roses, Sound and Water.

Enjoy walking, cycling and dancing on the waterfront!

In the coastal and next to the Royal Theatre you can also find the tourist information kiosk which is open Monday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

By Night!

The nightlife of Thessaloniki is indescribable. One reason many young Θεσσαλονίκη by Night - Pieria Rent A Carpeople choose this city to study, and not only, is this. With Pieria Rent A Car you can also experience this piece.

This side, of the wonderful city, is just as intense – perhaps even more – than its everyday life. Here the fun can never stop. Anyone who lives in the co-capital or even guests report that By Night is an experience!

Some of the most famous places of Thessaloniki are Ladadika, Bit Bazar, Valaoritou area, Port, Aristotle Square and the center of Thessaloniki.



Following the most commercial road of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski Avenue, just after Freedom Square next to the port, we will meet the famous Ladadika.

A special and beautiful area, specially designed only for pedestrians,Θεσσαλονίκη by Night - Pieria Rent A Car which is a favorite destination, both for locals and visitors as well as for the unique student community of the city.

Ladadika is one of the hottest spots in the city in terms of entertainment! It is essentially a mixture of the old with the new, of tradition with today.

The colorful historical and neoclassical preserved buildings exude the spirit and character of old Thessaloniki, while they are only five minutes away from Aristotle Square for those who prefer to walk.

Today Ladadika welcomes local and foreign visitors of all ages combining their picturesque beauty with the many quality choices for both food and drink. Espresso bars, cafes, taverns, beer gardens and various clubs coexist a short distance from each other.

As the whole area is only for pedestrians, everyone has as much as they want and needs in order to find the place they think is ideal. Feel free to drink a glass of wine more, it will help you to get into the spirit of the area immediately!

Bit Bazar

Bit Bazar is a particularly popular destination for young ages and certainly one of the favorite places in the student community. You will find it north of Aristotle Square. It is a place, which is manifested mainly to those who seek it. A small historical treasure is hidden between buildings and sites.

Memories of the past and smells of another era, hundreds of old objects and smiling people, always ready to tell you their story, will take you to narratives of Thessaloniki, which no one has imagined exist.

At night the scenery is fantastic. Many beautiful taverns, which serve wine, retsina and many appetizers have taken their place. Although a little noisy, the atmosphere is warm and very friendly.

The low prices in most shops and its location are the reason that students and young people prefer the area, but it is true that here you will meet people of all ages and have a nice time.

Port of Thessaloniki

Λιμάνι - Θεσσαλονίκη - Pieria Rent A Car The Port of Thessaloniki, after its regeneration, a few years ago, is one of my favorite areas within the city. Very easily accessible by bus, it has a large parking lot, a large space for children to run and wonderful cultural and leisure spots.

In the port you will find three Museums: the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Film Museum (open only daily and with very nice film screenings) and the Museum of Photography.

The Kitchen Bar is a very friendly restaurant – café for children and families, with a nice menu and adorable views of Thessaloniki Beach.

When the weather is good – almost always in Greece – the port is filled with life by groups. Nearby is the city center, one walks and is located in other favorite areas.

Thessaloniki Center

The center of Thessaloniki is one of the most famous places in the city for walking, coffee, dancing, drinking and shopping. There are not a few who travel kilometres and spend hours just for a few hours of fun in the center of Thessaloniki.

The point is full of life, since it never stops having people of all ages. The main reason to go there, after its café in the enchanting city, is shopping.

Countless shops, low prices, clothes, shoes, homewares, shop equipment and everything else one can look for, are there and is the reason they are all fighting for a dash to the famous city.

 Complete your stay in Thessaloniki with the classic tasty Greek coffee accompanied by a delight! Something so simple but at the same time so traditional. A daily habit of the Greeks that lasts for years.

The New York Times recognized Thessaloniki as one of the 52 places to visit in 2016, with an emphasis on its gastronomy, as as mentioned above, the cuisine of Thessaloniki is incomparable and unique and can enchant every visitor, since it combines flavors from all over the world.

There are more cafes per capita than any other European city, according to National Geographic, which makes perfect sense. In Thessaloniki, but also in general the Greeks, want when they go out for a walk, to enjoy it and have time. Don’t have the stress of the time in their minds. So the need for construction for more and more cafes was created.

It ranks in the “Top 10 Nightlife Cities” for 2015 and “Best Trips 2013” in National Geographic.

One of the best medium-sized European cities of the future for 2014, in the Financial Times’ “Human Capital and Lifestyle” index.



Now by renting a comfortable car, from Pieria Rent A Car, you can live this amazing experience, which will be unforgettable!

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