ΠαραλίαThe beach – Pieria – Katerini – is known from the vast coasts with golden sand and clean sea, mountains with history and natural beauties, excellent tourist organization, combine within 70 kilometers of coast so different types of holidays.

The capital of Pieria, Katerini is located just 70 km from Thessaloniki and Macedonia International Airport, with which it is connected to the national highway E75. Car rental from Pieria Rent A Car is essential, as Pieria is a great place to organize interesting excursions and burn on its beaches.


Start from North Pieria. The natural bay of Methoni and Nea Agathoupolis offers, in addition to the rich sandy beach, abundant shady vegetation, tranquility and picturesque landscape. Very close to Makrygialos, near Katerini, among green seaside hills, the visitor who seeks picturesqueness will discover the gold coast of Agios Giannis.

Golden is also the next coast of Pydna, which joins with the fantastic Πιερία-coasts of The Beach in Katerini, where the area of Alykes is located, the second largest part of salt production in Greece and well-known pans (places where sea water is exposed to the sun, in order to dry and stay the salt.

They hide a big health secret, mud baths for treatment in various ailments. There are free spaces, for use, for citizens (at no cost) and you can enjoy a warm bath in salt water or be covered with black mud all over the body, offering health, wellness, stimulation and relaxation at the same time.

Important archaeological sites, worth visiting, in and around Katerini, are the Neolithic settlement of Makrygialos, the neighbouring Ancient Pydna and the Byzantine episcopal complex in Louloudies. Following the coastal road Alykis Kitrous – Agathoupolis the traveler reaches up to the vast wetland of the river Aliakmona where it hosts 700 species of birds.

Katerini Beach

παραλία - pieria rent a carContinue and you will meet the Lively seaside place of the beach, Platia coast, which stretches a distance of kilometers, offers countless options for shopping, food and night entertainment.An illuminated avenue, with parallel bike paths and pedestrian street for lovers of coastal walks connects the beach with the cosmopolitan Olympic Coast. Then via the highway you can find yourself in just twenty kilometers in the historic town of Litochoro with houses of Macedonian architecture, narrow cobblestones and many chapels. Resort with full tourist infrastructure, just 5 km from the coast of Gritsa (it is the established beach of Litochoro, at the feet of Olympus.

Serbs three out of ten tourists:

In the area there are about 170 hotels, of which 110 are members of the Association of Beach Hoteliers of Katerini (total of about 5,000 beds), as well as about 190 companies providing rooms for rent (approximately 8,000 beds). A total of at least 13,000 beds in a purely tourist destination, as its permanent inhabitants barely exceed 1,000.

With regard to the nationalities of tourists who choose Katerini Beachgold-the-club-paralia - pieria rent a car for their holidays, the lion’s share (about 30%) held by Serbs, followed by Romanians (20%) and Bulgarians (15%), while the rest of the tourists come from Central European countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Most Greeks, as in other parts of Northern Greece (e.g. Halkidiki) choose the same day trip, without overnight stay. However, the Hotel Association of the region invites the Greek youth to visit Katerini Beach for a three-day trip, to get to know the unique hospitality of the residents and to “party” until the morning.

Especially for Thessalonians, access to the beach is very economical. A test will convince you that Katerini Beach is a “hot” summer destination for a short-term getaway and you will definitely visit again.

Beach – Olympic Coast


The Olympic Coast is located in the center of the Prefecture of Pieria and belongs administratively to the Municipality of Katerini. It is a vast sandy coast, 4 km long, with clear blue waters and magnificent views of the Thermaikos Gulf of the Aegean Sea.

It has thin and clean golden sand and its waters are shallow without large waves which makes it ideal for families with small children. The beach is fully organized, with all the tourist infrastructure and dominates a cosmopolitan environment.

On the beach you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, beach bars, lifeguard base, shower, access for people with disabilities, parking spaces, dispensary and facilities for sports friends: beach volleyball court, football field, water skiing, ski, ski, water bike, sea parachute, canoe, sailing etc. It is awarded every year with the blue flag of Europe and is flooded every summer by a very large number of tourists.

In the surrounding area you will find several hotels and rooms to rent, restaurants and all kinds of shops. It is therefore a unique destination in Northern Greece with easy access. It is only 8 km from Katerini and access is made from the National Highway E75 (Katerini junction) and the coastal provincial road Nea Agathoupolis – Olympic Coast.

Ancient Pinda

Ancient Pinda is a village, which belongs to Pieria, with 21 Archaea_pydna_pieria rent a carinhabitants. It belongs to the Municipality of Methoni and became widely famous by the famous Battle of Pinda, which also marked the definitive subjugation and alienation of Greece to the Romans. In this last battle of the war, the last king of Macedonia Perseus, in 168 BC, was defeated by the High Emilio Paul.

The truth is, however, that almost all visitors to Pieria for its wonderful beaches. It has easy access, many amenities, clear crystal clear waters, golden sand and a mountain of the gods, these are the Beaches of Pieria. With over 30 kilometers of coastline including the 16 organized beaches of the prefecture. The Thessalonians have known the region for many years, but in recent years it has been discovered by many foreign visitors, mainly from the Balkans but also from all over eastern and central Europe.

Korinos Beach

Korinos Beach is 8 km from Katerini and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pieria. It has a wide sandy coast of many kilometers with thin, clean sand and shallow sea and is awarded for many years with the Blue Flag.

Litochoros Beach

παραλία - pieria rent a carCoast that combines rocks and pebbles in picturesque natural coves and wide golden beaches, with transparent blue sea. It is located very close to Olympus and the seat of the Municipality of Litochoro.

For your stay, there are a large number of organized camping and furnished rooms and apartments. Fish taverns with fresh fish and restaurants with a variety of flavors, expect to accommodate guests at noon and evening.

The area is ideal for every type of holiday, as it has lively nightlife in the numerous bars and clubs with Greek and foreign music.

It is 20 km away from Katerini, with easy access via the National Highway E75 (Litochoro shub) and the Railway (Litochoro Station).

Ideal port for small boats of Plaka Litochoro where the visitor will meet a rotation of natural coves, where the classic landscape of golden sand is interrupted by rocks and pebbles.) Starting point of hiking in the ravine of Enipea and mountaineering in Olympus, which is known from Greek mythology with its natural beauty, traditional settlements and historical monuments. Poets and artists did not cease to praise Olympus from the time of Homer to the present day.

The old monastery of Agios Dionysios, (first half of the 16th century) is located higher at 1200 meters altitude Descending Litochoro on its left side at just two kilometers you can visit the Archaeological site with international radiation Dion, the city of Zeus, the holy city of ancient Macedonians, on the northeast slopes of Olympus. In the archaeological park one can walk among the finds and visit the museum next door. Many years of excavations have highlighted a number of important findings.

Leptokaryas Beach

The whole beach, from Plaka Litochoros to Platamonas Castle, is ideal for diving in pelagic waters. But the best parts of this endless coastline will be found around Leptokarya, where for a few kilometers the road παραλία - pieria rent a caris coordinated with the seashore.

It is a wonderful sandy beach that exceeds 5 km long and is friendly for bathers as there are benches and public showers. The beach of Leptokarya is paved with sand and pebbles and is organized. In any case the distance you will need to cover from the hotel to the restaurant and from there to the sea does not exceed a few meters, which is considered extremely convenient if you judge by the thousands of summer guests.

The beautiful sandy beach with fine pebbles of Leptokarya, extends in a straight parallel to the sea at the foot of Olympus. Organized and safe is offered for family holidays as well as any type of visitor.

Thousands of tourists visit the area during the summer months. It has excellent infrastructure with many hotel units and rooms to rent, for all tastes. Restaurants, fish taverns, ouzeri, grills and other dining areas, offer a variety of flavors to every visitor.

You can visit the area of Palea Leptokarya, at the foot of Olympus, with only a few kilometers from the beach and admire up close the natural beauty of the mythical mountain.

Leptokarya-Greece-travel-paralia - pieria rent a carAlso of particular archaeological interest are the Ancient Leibethra, a burial site of the mythical Orpheus. It is an ancient city with a citadel, located in the position of Canals at the entrance of the large aspect that separates Kato and Ano Olympus, between Palea Leptokarya and Scottina.

You can also visit the Museum of Geological History of Olympus, with minerals and rocks of the mythical mountain, as well as fossils from the wider region, which are of particular interest to the evolution of fauna and flora.

Very close to Leptokaryas Beach is the Monastery of Kanalon, which dates back to the 12th century.

Scottina Beach

Pieria Rent a Car also takes us to the enchanting Beach of Scottina. Scottina Beach is a seaside settlement with 67 permanent residents and is only 6 km from Leptokarya, 1 km from Saint Panteleimona Beach (Castro) and 1 km from Scottina, which attracts vacationers mainly from Europe.

It is no coincidence that since the establishment of the institution of λεπτοκαρυά -paralia - pieria rent a carthe blue flags of the European Union, Scottina Beach is also awarded every summer. The 9th world meeting of day car friends in 1999 took place at the “Olympus” camp.

It also has hotel units, campsites, children’s camps and youth camps. There are also there, as in any Greek community, taverns, cafes, clubs, discos and nightclubs.

In Scottina Beach there is also the largest campsite in the Balkans and the Center for the Air Force (KE.D.A.), a holiday center of the Air Force.

Panteleimon Beach

The village of New Panteleimonas, in Pieria, offers nice views to the castle and the coast. It has some very good taverns in the village square, where one can enjoy amazing flavors of meat, seafood and traditional dishes, enjoying the coolness and the view. On days on the beach it’s very hot. One can find coolness there.

Tπαραλία - παντελεήμωνοςurning from the highway at the height of the castle to the coast, one reaches the beach of Neos Panteleimonas. For the non-acquaintances, there are many campsites in the area. Having vacationed in some summers in the area, especially in the campsites, it can be said that the combination of mountain, sea and green and the castle is something unique.

On the side is Olympus, in Pieria, with its high, steep peaks, steep peaks, green and sometimes cloudy. On the other hand the Aegean Sea with open and clean sea, while in good weather it seems Halkidiki. The trees that reach down to the sea, mainly poplars and plane trees, are also added to the scene, while looking to the right one sees the well-preserved Venetian castle of Platamonas. The beach is sandy, while where the wave bursts there is pebbles. The waters are relatively deep and clean.

Platamona Beach

If you are looking for an open horizon, pleasant cool sea, blue clear waters, view of the highest mountain in Greece and plenty of greenery, then platamonas Beach can find all this.

No matter how much one recounts or describes about this piece, on the coast of Pieria, does not compare to what the visitor sees when you arrive at the beach of Platamonas.paralia-platamona

Large shady plane trees, throwing their beneficial foliage up almost to where the wave bursts. Sand in some places, pebbles in others. Small coves or long comfortable beaches. Organized coasts but also other free. The horizon opens in front of you, interrupted only by the meeting of the sea with the sky. On his back Olympus can rouse every visitor snowy, until today, while he pops from the heat and dives to cool off.

Opposite the castle of Platamonas, imposing and majestic, reminiscent of the history of the place.

The options for accommodation are many, as at the foot of the mountain of the gods “nest” many settlements with this fascinating dipole : blue sea opening in front of them, the mansion Olympus behind them. This holidays in Pieria will be unforgettable.

With the rental car, from Pieria Rent a Car, on the second day you can visit South Pieria where in the coastal zone, excursions include the coastwith tourist resorts, and combine mountain and sea. Organized coasts, with different characteristics each, spread sequentially. Vast, covering entire kilometers, lies the coast of Korinos, which is adjacent to ancient Macedonian tombs.

New Resources Beach

νέοι πόροι παραλία πιερίαNew Resources is a seaside village in Pieria. The main occupation in the village is tourist business. It is built on an urban plan, as it has large streets and squares. The distance of new resources from Katerini is 43 km. Their coast is the southernmost coast of Pieria, next to the traditional settlement of Old Resources and the extensive wetland, in the northern part of the Pinios Delta. This mountain village is constantly being renovated as a summer resort.

New Poros is the southernmost coast of Pieria, next to the traditional settlement of Old Resources and the vast and picturesque wetland, in the northern part of the Pinios Delta.

The wetland of New Resources covers the northernmost part of the River Pinios Delta. It includes 600 species of plants, areas with plane trees, mamens, reeds and wildflowers. Among them live migratory and waterfowl, but also the legendary predators of the neighboring Kato Olympus. Do not leave Pieria without visiting the Traditional settlement of Old Panteleimon at an altitude of 500 meters, overlooking the sea, known for its architecture. It has guesthouses, taverns and is ideal for hiking.


With a comfortable car from Pieria Rent A Car, start your day to visit Meteora. The spectacular rocks of Meteora dominate imposingly in the city of Kalampaka. This magnificence of nature reveals all its greatness for centuries now, as it is a unique geological phenomenon and an important monument of Orthodoxy.

Meteora, which has been designated the second Holy Mountain, has been continuing the monastic tradition for about six centuries.  At the sight of the sacred rocks the visitor is amazed by the impressive magnificence of this giant stone complex. The ascetic shacks on the rocks testify to the irrefutable presence of the first monks who dedicated their soul and body to God. Servants of the king christ recorded their ascetic course in monastic life, walking the paths that lead from the earth to heaven…

The first monasteries were built with great care and craftsmanship in the 14th century. Over the years some of them were reconstructed and others underwent major repairs in order to complete, and thus give their final architectural shape. Since then they stand up to the tops of the rocks, giving the impression that they are their natural finish. The ascent used to take place with scaffolding resting on beams wedged into the rocks, with a net, and a little later with ladders.

Today the pilgrims-visitors use the stairs carved on the rocks, thus ensuring a comfortable and safe ascent to the monasteries. Today Meteora has been designated by the UN as a Cultural Heritage Site. Through this heritage, the monks-ascetics have been going for centuries following in the footsteps of their first home-made Fathers, sculpting their faith with obedience, property, humility, fasting and uninterrupted prayer to the Most High Creator.

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