Pieria – Riviera Olympus – Olympus


Most people know Pieria and Olympus from Greek mythology. Others have heard of her from her visitors’ stories.

But as seductive as the myth of Pieria and Olympus is, no matter how flattering the information, the true Pieria that the visitor will encounter is more beautiful.

Few places combine vast beaches with golden sand and clear sea, mountains with history and natural beauty, excellent tourist organization, affordable prices – and all this on excellent transportation infrastructure, which makes travel a matter of minutes.

With your car rental from Pieria Rent a Car, you can visit all the enchanting beaches and mountains of Pieria. The Olympic Coast, Leptokaria, Korinos, Katerini Beach are just some of the most impressive beaches in Pieria ,which one can enjoy a quiet and relaxing day, as with your rental car you can be at your destination in just a few minutes.

Olympus :

- Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A CarBy renting a comfortable car from Pieria Rent A Car you have the opportunity to explore several parts of the mountain of “gods”. Olympus on the Riviera of Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide, as mentioned above, mainly for its mythological context, as at its top, which is called Mytikas and has an altitude of 2,918.80 meters, lived the Twelve Gods of Olympus according to the religion of the ancient Greeks. It is located on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly.

For the etymology of the word “Olympus” there are various versions, such as the sky, bright, high, rock, etc. According to mythology, Mytikas – the peak of Olympus Pieria, is the meeting point of the dodecatheon. Today’s location, Stefani, is the throne of Zeus and from there he launched his lightning bolts.

Olympus – Pieria Riviera, due to its geographical location, has created a special climate with intense climate change throughout its area. Sudden storms, snowstorms, dense fog. Strong winds but also bright sunshine when Jupiter has its fun, according to legend. In winter the mountain is covered with snow and the climb requires knowledge, experience and the right equipment. Olympus becomes more hospitable and accessible during the period from June to October. In any case, the ascent to Mount Olympus requires good preparation, discipline, attention and respect to receive you in his arms and discover his mythical charm.

Like it or not, Olympus has justifiably become a landmark for bold and unsportsmanlike characters, as it covers experienced and non-experienced sports activities. One of the most favorite sports of the spectators is Canyoning at Orlia Gorge! Canyoning is the technical crossing of gorges. Visitors follow the natural course of the water, overcoming any obstacle, using technical means for descents from a height.

They turn the descent of the gorge, Olympus, into a fascinating and fun activity. Starting at the beginning of the gorge they meet a series of waterfalls. They use rapels to get down and do not miss the dives and slides on the many and crystal clear pedestals of Olympus that they find on their way. They practice their body and mind while filling in beautiful images.

Canyoning at Orlia Gorge is an unforgettable experience. Action and adventure in a magical environment on the eastern slopes of Olympus .Orlias is an easy gorge, suitable for beginners. Green forests, steep slopes and clear waters flow rapidly. With the necessary equipment, all the safety standards and your rental vehicle from Pieria Rent A Car to comfortably reach your destination, you can also enjoy this experience.

Prionia – Olympus Riviera

From the place Prionia (Olympus Pieria) starts a classic route that Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A Carafter about three hours and having rented your car from Pieria Rent A Car, will lead you to the shelter Spilios Agapitos at 2,100 meters.

The route to the shelter of Olympus is very difficult. The air becomes icy and the heartbeat at the Olympus Riviera is heightened by intense effort. Following the good marking of the mountaineering path rhythmically – a colorful ribbon on a white background – we reach the hospitable shelter.Opportunity for rest and reorganization of forces in a wonderful natural “balcony” surrounded by impressively age-old robolas who resist the bad weather with all their might.

Archaeological Site – Olympus – Olympus Riviera

Also, Olympus (Pieria – Olympus Riviera) offers us its admirable archeological site. Excavations have uncovered a large fortified ancient city, temples, theaters, stadiums and cemeteries that document the area’s habitat for more than 1,000 years (from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD). Very impressive is the complex of public baths of Olympus in Pieria, which covers an area of ​​4 acres in the main building, south of the market. These are essentially large thermal springs of Jupiter, built around 200 AD. On the north side of the baths were found many of the marble statues that decorate the museum.

Next to the Olympus Riviera – Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is also very close to Pieria and with your rental car you can now visit it. It was founded in 315 BC. by the king of Macedonia, Cassander, son of General Antiparos, who remained as prefect of Macedonia by Alexander the Great, when he dared his great mission to Asia. In this way, Cassander, having won the battle of succession, married the sister of Alexander the Great of Thessaloniki and founded the city in her honor, uniting 26 small settlements in the area.

Less than two centuries after its founding, Thessaloniki, like all of Macedonia, was occupied by the Romans. In 148 BC. was the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia. Shortly afterwards, the Greek Greeks supported the Roman occupation with which they confronted the peoples who often reached outside its famous walls, trying to gain occupation. In 42 BC, Thessaloniki was declared a free city (civitas libera) and a new era of peace and prosperity began. Half a century before the birth of Christ, the Roman orator, Cicero, lived in Thessaloniki.

The great, famous Egnatia Highway for travelers who went from Rome to the east or returned from the West, passes by it, uniting the Adriatic in Istanbul. The Roman Empire finally came to an end.

Two great powers are created with Licinius in the West and Constantine in the East. Konstantinos the Great chooses Thessaloniki, because it is located next to Pieria, from where he will deal with his great confrontation with the Licinius. It builds the new port of the city and recognizes Christianity as the official religion of the state.

During this period, Thessaloniki acquires important Byzantine churches, many of which visitors will see today during their walks through the city. In the centuries that followed, Thessaloniki suffered from the invasions of the Goths, the Persians, the Arabs and the Turks without ever losing its character.

- Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A CarThe city is saved by its great walls from which many of its parts still exist today crowning the city. In 1185 the Byzantine Empire could not prevent the occupation of Thessaloniki by the Normans. A few years later the Franks came and in 1224 AD, the city was occupied by Theodoros Doukas Komninos and was declared the capital of the Bishop of Epirus.

Then the city will face the threat of the Catalans, while from 1300 AD. enters its golden age. The city has unique autonomy and self-government. They are perennials with a strong economy, cultural and artistic life, brilliant monuments, skillfully decorated churches and all kinds of factories: copper, iron, pencil, paper, etc.

By renting a modern car from Pieria Rent A Car, you are given the opportunity to see up  close the famous Veria and Edessa. Famous places for their historical monuments and archeological sites, which host dozens of historical finds.

By renting a modern car from Pieria Rent A Car, you are given the opportunity to see up  close the famous Veria and Edessa. Famous places for their historical monuments and archeological sites, which host dozens of historical finds.

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Veria – Edessa – Pieria – Riviera Olympus

With your rental from Pieria Rent A Car you can also visit the famous Vergina Museum. Aigae was the first capital of the Macedonian kingdom, which was founded in the 7th century BC. Century.

Two centuries later, the capital was moved to Pella, but Aigae remained a scared place for the Macedonians. In the Aegean there was the royal cemetery, where there were victims of Macedonian kings and their family members, even after the transfer of the capital.

At the Aigae Theater Philip II, Alexander’s great-grandfather, was murdered during his daughter’s wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, most of the Aegean city cannot be visited today because it is being excavated. The Archaeological Museum of Vergina has the following peculiarities: both in the archeological site and In the museum they are located in the same area.

The Archaeological Museum of Vergina houses four ancient royal tombs, which have not been moved from where they were found. Inside the museum and around the tombs, votive offerings as well as the tombstones of other tombs are exhibited. In terms of their architecture, the tombs look like small temples.

What makes the tombs stand out is not only the beauty of the murals and the richness of the offerings but also the fact that archaeologist believe there were buried members of Alexander the Great’s family. In particular, it is believed that, in one of them, his father was buried, Philip II, as well as another of his sons, Alexander IV, who was killed when he was a teenager in the controversy over succession. The excavation of the tombs was carried out by Manolis Andronikos.

The most famous ancient Greek symbol of Vergina and one of the Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A Carmost famous of Olympus Riviera, is the Sun of Vergina or otherwise known as the Star of Vergina. A symbol depicted in various archeological finds, such as vessels and coins, but became widely known for its depiction in the golden shrine found in 1977 in a royal tomb, wich is attributed to the Macedonian Royal Dynasty of Philip II and Alexander the Great.

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Kato Milia Pieria ‘s – Riviera Olympus

From the admirable destinations of Pieria, the  Kato Milia of Pieria pieria-pieria rent a car- riviera olympuscould not be missed. If you are a fan of archeological finds, then Kato Milia of Pieria is definitely on of the places you should visit. Having rented a Pieria Rent A Car vehicle, it is certain that you will not only enjoy the ancient monuments, but also the fantastic route between the forests and the hills.

Recently, northeast of the village, important archaeological finds have been discovered, including an ancient Roman city. Another ornament in the already existing ones of Pieria. This beautiful village of Pieria, is built at an altitude of 190 meters and is located on the southwest side of the Pieria Mountains. It is 24 km from the hotels.

Elatoxori Pieria – Riviera Olympus :

pieria rent a car- πιερια -ριβιερα ολυμπουPieria Rent A Car rental cars can enchant you, taking you to Elatochori in Pieria. Elatochori is located in Pieria  at an altitude of about 1000 meters and is one of the top mountain resorts in Greece. Elatochori Pieria consists of two settlements, the newest and the oldest settlement, which maintains a discreet traditional architecture and and enjoys a special view of the historic mountain ‘’of the Gods’’ Olympus.  The church of Agios Nikolaos, a historic building dating from the middle of the 17th  century, survives even today in the old Elatochori.

In the village square is also preserved the Folklore Museum of Elatochori, which has been revived thanks to the remarkable efforts of the women of the village. For the people that love nature and activities, the area offers ideal trails for walking in the forest, mountain biking and mountaineering.

Elatochori in Pieria is located on the east side of the Pieria Mountains and is only 28 km from the city of Katerini, while the route to the village, accompanied by Pieria Rent A Car, guarantees to impress you with the unique wild beauty of the landscape.

Elatochori in Pieria however, does not only belong to the plans of summer excursions. In winter its beauty is much more intense, as it offers its unique Ski Center. Although the Elatochori Ski Center in Pieria is relatively new it has become popular with winter sports enthusiasts, who are flooding its tracks. This is due to perfect infrastructure of the center and the wonderful nature that surrounds it.

Pieria Rent A Car gives us the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of the Ski Center of Elatochori in Pieria, which include 10 tracks with varying altitude difference and with varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy both experienced and demanding skiers and beginners who are new their potential in the most popular winter sport, in the mountains of Pieria. There is also a snowboard and a ski slope. The total length of the tracks and the network of snow-corridors, which connects them, exceeds 12.000 meters.

At the base if the Pieria Ski Center there is a new Chalet, which is distinguished for its modern aesthetics, which harmonizes with the environment. There are also shops selling and renting equipment and ski school.

It is worth mentioning that in the Ski Center of Pieria there is a fully equipped doctor’s office for first aid with a permanent doctor on a daily basis.

Byzantine Museum Of Veria – Pieria – Riviera Olympus

If your road, by renting your vehicle from Pieria Rent A Car, leads you to Veria, you must get to know its Byzantine Museum up close. Itself is housed in the Mill Of Mark a newly renovated industrial building of the early 20th century, located in the neighborhood of the listed district of Kyriotissa.

It includes three floors, with a total area of 720 sq.m. , each of which will host a conceptually independent section of the permanent exhibition includes part of the rich collection of portable icons, frescoes from temples and secular buildings, mosaic floors, manuscripts and old-fashioned pottery and miniature works, coins and wood carvings, burial finds architectural sculptures and marble.

Water Museum – Reptiles – Edessa – Pieria – Riviera Olympus

Although it is called the city of water, Pieria Rent A Car takes you to Πιερία - Ριβιέρα Ολύμπου - Pieria Rent A CarEdessa next to the enchanting Waterfalls and inside the city’s Water Museum. The first aquarium with endemic freshwater fish in Greece has been operating since May 2001.

In the Aquarium, very close to Pieria – Riviera Olympus, there are departments of Endemic Fisheries for amphibians, reptiles, amphibian reptiles and carcinoids. Someone can admire up close Tritons, Turtles, crabs, crayfish and various species of snakes.

In the Aquarium, very close to Pieria – Riviera Olympus, there are departments of Endemic Fisheries for amphibians, reptiles, amphibian reptiles and carcinoids. Someone can admire up close Tritons, Turtles, crabs, crayfish and various species of snakes. In the Aquarium there is a large facility of 3000 liters of water and 14 smaller ones with River Fish ( Grivadi, Gouliamos, Petalouda, Heli etc. ) , fish of rivers, streams and static water ( Perka, Chrysovelonitsa, Tourna, Korigonos, Platiros Tsinika, Tsima, Glynari, Kounoupofagos, Iliopsaro, Brena, Gouvios etc. ).  The number of reptiles and amphibians is also very important.

Also inside the aquarium / reptile, in Riviera Pieria there is a scientific laboratory with all the necessary departments ( hospital – hatchery ) and the required technical equipment (microscopes, water controllers, etc. ).

The immediate goal of the Aquarium is to organize educational programs for schools, so that young students come in contact with water, nature and the environment ( data that show the area ) while at the same time will continue its research and enrichment with new species from the 35 ( and 80 subspecies ) recorded in the area.